Marc Migliazzo: President

Marc has 10 years of new construction, land development, and remodeling experience. He co-founded EIS Lighting after 25 years in restaurant management and associated site construction. [email protected]

Ken Houston: Vice President

Ken co-founded EIS Lighting after a career at IBM and has garnered considerable expertise in the field of LED lighting. [email protected]

Chris Colgin: Vice President Sales

Chris has a long career of sales and marketing and joined EIS Lighting from Siemens where he focused on the utilities industry. [email protected]

Catherine Ngo: Marketing

"Kate" brings a career of marketing and product management experience from Target to Volusion, having earned her MBA from Cornell University prior to joining EIS. 

Jacob Migliazzo: Business Development

Following 6 years of design at the Bose Corporation, Jacob joined EIS after earning his MBA from the University of Texas.