Our Mission

At EIS Lighting, it is our mission to help clients realize as much as a 50% savings on their lighting costs, with increased longevity and lower consumption through the effective use of LED technology.


We are the premier provider of commercial lighting solutions, specializing in energy efficient and eco-friendly technology. Through effective implementation of LED lighting, it is our goal to help our clients realize energy savings in addition to increasing lighting longevity and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

While everyone is aware of the benefits of going green, no one wants to go bankrupt in the process.

That’s why EIS Lighting is committed to providing clients with real value in terms of the products and services we offer.

Texas Fishery at Athens, Texas

One of the main attractions at TFFC is the daily dive show during which a scuba diver hand-feeds fish in the 26,000-gallon aquarium in the Anhueser-Busch Theater. The aquarium replaced six (6) Metal Halide lights 250 wattage each, with four (4) Magnetic Induction 120 wattage. The lighting energy was reduce by 70.3 % while lumens increased and the reduction of heat from the Metal Halides resulted in less use of the water chiller. This project was done in the summer of 2011 by EIS Lighting.

When it comes to lighting designs, EIS Lighting can meet your individual design specifications or provide solutions that ensure compliance with local lighting design standards. We have experience with a wide range of design applications, from dental offices and restaurants to parking lots to aircraft hangars and engineering facilities. We provide lighting design and installation services for new construction projects and existing structures as well as replacement of damaged lighting, including storm-damaged outdoor light sources.

To learn more about how EIS Lighting can help your business or facility “go green” and save money long-term on lighting energy consumption and maintenance, contact us today. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to discuss your lighting design needs and explain how our eco-friendly solutions can benefit you!