EIS lighting able to perform a full suite of lighting design and analysis on your commercial or residential project.

Lighting Design

  • EIS can assist in product selection as a representative of 250+ manufactures including Keystone, Aamsco, SATCO, and American built products from manufactures such as RAB
  • Clean sheet design – EIS can work with architects and engineers from earliest stages of projects including custom fixture design
  • Retrofit and remolding – EIS can work with your facilities professionals on any sized project
  • EIS can support your effort to automate your lighting and provide modern controllers
  • Strong industry partnerships allow EIS to also support solar and HVAC efforts in addition to lighting


  • ROI calculations to help your business determine break-even time
  • EIS is able to support full photometric analysis for your project to ensure the space meets IES lighting standards
  • Pre and post energy audits to identify current use, savings, and proof of ROI
  • Energy monitoring to determine LED conversion value

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